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The Early Days

Back in 2010, when I (Charlie) was still in uni, and Ryan was doing his thing as a chef, we decided to whip up some delicious cupcakes at home and sell them at local markets.

We went by the name “Get Cupcaked.” As the name suggests… we didn’t take ourselves very seriously at first. We thought it was just a temporary thing while we figured out our life plans. But, surprise! Get Cupcaked got crazy popular, and we ended up ditching our regular jobs. Weekends became all about setting up shop at markets and events, selling our homemade cupcakes on some cute tablecloth.

As time went on, we didn’t stick to just cupcakes. Our range expanded into all sorts of treats. That led us to a re-brand and a name change. We started taking ourselves a tad more seriously—just a smidge.
“Get Cupcaked” got a makeover and became Big Bakes Bakery. The name came about because so many folks were talking about how ‘big’ our bakes were. Turns out, we’ve been baking up ‘Big Bakes’ all along.

We Just Couldn’t Stop Baking

We have worked hard to create our own unique recipes that combine the best ingredients just perfectly to make our oversized treats! and lets face it, “Bigger is always better, with Big Bakes”!

We are also a familiar face on the food festival scene in the south west, we try to attend as many events as possible to spread the big bakes love, from Cornwall to Manchester, we spread our wings far and wide.

Then The Shop

With lots and lots of hard work at food festivals and events (and cake eating!), we opened our first shop, located in our home town of Torquay, Devon in 2017.

This was a huge milestone for us and was honestly one of the most exciting (and stressful!) experiences of our business life so far and we our incredibly proud.

We work extremely hard to be able to offer freshly baked goods in our shop window each day and now offer a postal service across the UK. We have put on our oven mitts and are taking on the baking world one cake at a time.